MMH Luxury Custom

Make your dream home a reality.

Come on in. We’ve fluffed the pillows and created a place at the table just for you!

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MMH Luxury Custom

Make your dream home a reality.

Come on in. We’ve fluffed the pillows and created a place at the table just for you!

MMH Luxury Custom Homes are




Fully custom.

MMH Luxury Custom Homes

Custom Home Design and Build by MMH

Welcome to the MMH “Luxury Custom” Experience, where we redefine the art of custom home building. As one of Kansas City’s premier custom home builders, MMH upholds a reputation of trust and excellence in the realm of custom home construction.

Whether you have a site already in mind or need help finding the perfect spot, MMH is here to help. From large-acreage equestrian estates to neighborhood developments, we have the experience to make your dream happen.

Our mission is to design, build and furnish extraordinary custom and semi-custom homes.

To discuss building your dream home, reach out to our team.

I ended up with the best and most unique home in the neighborhood!

“Building a custom home is a great experience and Troy’s team made it seamless. They were willing to work with my very exacting standards and apply many of their own. The quality of the construction, level of finishes and the level of involvement I was allowed in the process were incredible. I am bragging here, but I ended up with the best and most unique home in the neighborhood thanks to the team at MMH! If you are in the market for a custom home, Troy Moore and his team at MMH should be your only choice!

Peter A.

With us, building your dream home is a tailored, immersive experience.

Our work transcends building ‘just another house’; we’re in the business of crafting dreams and bringing architectural marvels to life. 

The experience with ‘MMH Luxury Custom’—the branch of MMH that takes on fully custom home builds—is about so much more than just construction.

Marked by boundless creativity, meticulous design and unwavering guidance, MMH Luxury Custom Homes are designed and built to be timeless spaces that become the backdrop to your life and the generations of cherished memories to come.

“Great design begins with an even better story.”  – Lorinda Mamo

Your story.
Your home.

A home isn’t just four walls and a roof; it’s a sanctuary, an expression of one’s identity and aspirations.

Our fully custom MMH Luxury Custom Homes are intentionally designed, guided by the unique and personalized selections, decisions, wants, needs and lifestyle of the future homeowners.

From the initial stages of lot acquisition all the way to the final interior finishes, we provide a comprehensive suite of services and red-carpet experience, ensuring every aspect of the home reflects the unique vision and personality of its owners.

World-Class Craftsmanship.

Unparalleled Personalization.

Quality craftsmanship lies at the heart of every MMH home. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence, exclusively using the finest materials and most skilled artisans in the Kansas City region and around the world.

Our team of expert architects, designers and craftsmen works closely with our clients to transform their dreams into reality.

When it comes to personalization, we do “custom” the way it should be done. We provide limitless customization to accommodate even the most unique needs, tastes, preferences or lifestyle requirements. From design to materials to layout and more, every aspect of your home can be tailored to you.

Smooth from start to finish.

“We had an amazing experience with MMH, thanks to Troy Moore’s exceptional attitude and design expertise. Troy’s positive demeanor and creative vision brought our dream vision to life. The MMH team’s attention to detail and professionalism made for a smooth journey from start to finish.”

Bob and Lisa G.

From foundation to finishing touches,

Our Executive Team provides the best customer service you’ll ever receive*

*our clients Mike and Lindsay said so.

At MMH, our philosophy to creating an exceptional home building experience is really quite simple: We build a real relationship with you. One founded on trust, transparency and an unwavering commitment to your satisfaction.

It’s that simple.

From the Initial Consultation all the way to your final walk-through, the MMH Executive Team will be by your side to:

  • guide you every step of the way,
  • meticulously plan and execute details with precision,
  • and ensure your home meets (and far exceeds) expectations.

With MMH, you’re not just building a house, you’re bringing a dream to life. And to us, that’s everything.

Building your dream custom home

Our Tried-and-True Process

Say goodbye to the limitations and constant compromises of spec homes, and hello to exactly what you want. Our fully customized approach ensures every aspect of your home reflects your unique vision.


Design Vision and Scope

Your MMH custom home begins with you. We want to hear about your dreams, look at your inspiration pictures and imagine all the possibilities. We’ll have extensive planning sessions, discuss architects and engineers who might make great partners on your project, solidify your overall vision and establish the project scope, budget and desired timeline.


Site Selection

Whether it’s a lot you’ve already reserved, an area you need help researching or a vast piece of acreage you already own, we’ll help you decide how and where to build your dream. We’ll discuss the logistics of building in a community versus building on undeveloped land, plus share the costs associated with each. Our experience on all types of lots and land will help ensure you feel great about your decision.


Permit Acquisition

All cities, counties and jurisdictions have their own set of requirements. From permitting, to plot plans to blueprint submissions, we’ll handle the legwork to get approvals and permits in hand. This can be a tedious part of the journey but we handle it all for you and once they turn us loose, we’ll be ready to start playing in the dirt.


Material Selection

A glimpse into the pretty stuff!

This is where the MMH team provides great guidance and feedback to help you achieve your overall aesthetic. We’ll guide you through that entire process, attending all design meetings and obtaining bids so you can see how your selections affect the overall budget.


Subcontractor Vetting and Selection

At MMH, we’ve been working with many of the same partners for more than 20 years. With Troy’s background as a building inspector locally, we know who does the best work in town. Our subcontractors are part of our extended team and we count on their support, dedication and skill every day.

Our goal is to do great work, in a timely fashion, without sacrificing quality. At the end of the day, we want your home to stand the test of time.


Scheduling, Logistics and Breaking Ground

MMH provides thorough project scheduling and logistics planning to ensure the most efficient, smooth coordination during the entire project. We use Gantt-related project platforms that adjust all future scheduling when weather, materials acquisition and other potential scheduling interruptions occur.

Smile for the camera as we take the inaugural photo of you at groundbreaking!

MMH is a wonderful builder to work with…

…and their homes are beautifully crafted.

The relationship they have with their homeowners and vendors makes the entire process enjoyable. Plus, they have great attention to detail and guide their families along the way to stay on budget and get the most beautiful home possible.”

Jennifer F.

While many builders in Kansas City claim to offer custom services, few truly commit to the level of customization that MMH Luxury Custom homes provide.

From concept to design,

lot selection to logistics,

foundation to finishing touches,

every MMH Luxury Custom Home is completely unique and totally your own from start to finish.

The MMH team bent over backwards, and crafted the most beautiful home we ever could have dreamed of.


“I don’t know where to begin!

From the moment I met Troy, he felt like family. He is open, honest, forthcoming, accommodating, and beyond creative! Troy listened to our wants and needs and crafted the most beautiful home we ever could have dreamed of.

What blew me away was when the MMH Team attended each and every design meeting with our budget and desires in mind!

From beginning to end, Troy and his team gave us the best customer service we have ever received. Usually people say they end up despising their builder after the house is finished, and I can say the exact opposite.

The MMH team bent over backwards to make everything right. We will 100% use MMH in the future if need be and consider them lifelong friends.”

Lindsay M.