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Luxury Interior Design: Personalized Consultations

MMH leads the way in groundbreaking design, establishing unmatched standards of excellence in Kansas City and nationwide.

Offering comprehensive design consultation for new-home construction or for your existing structure, MMH is available nationwide and guarantees that every project embodies the unique essence of its clients.

Recognized as a pioneering Interior Designer in Kansas City and nationwide,

we go beyond simple construction, navigating clients through the spatial footprint of their homes to cultivate an ambiance that harmonizes functionality with style.

Providing a Tailored Approach

We’ll show you that beyond aesthetics, great design encompasses creating spaces that foster tranquility and intentionality in today’s fast-paced world. Families seek environments that offer both peace and purpose in their design.

At MMH, our commitment lies in delivering exceptional interior design that enables clients to effortlessly navigate their spaces. We foster boundless creativity, forge partnerships with trusted artisans and embrace unconventional approaches beyond mere paint colors and wall decorations.

MMH Design:

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Interior Design Services by MMH

Founded in 2003 by Troy Moore, MMH Design emerged from a vision to offer luxury design to everyone, resulting in the evolution of a full-service luxury interior design division of his existing custom home building company Madi Mali Homes (MMH).

MMH team selfie leaving Las Vegas with great ideas after attending the 2024 International Builders Show.

Your Design Dream Team

Striving to meet and exceed your expectations.

MMH team selfie leaving Las Vegas with great ideas after attending the 2024 International Builders Show.

While Troy remains at the forefront of these endeavors as the Chief “Experience” Officer, committed to crafting spaces that radiate sophistication while retaining warmth and hospitality, our entire Executive Team is there for every client.

We prioritize each client’s aspirations, needs and personal preferences throughout the design journey. Collaborating closely with every client, we strive not only to fulfill their dreams but to surpass their expectations.

Energizing Interiors:

Bringing Interior Design to Life

Setting itself apart with its commitment to crafting unique and visually captivating spaces that reflect the individuality of each client, MMH excels in creating extraordinary designs.

Bringing visions to life.

MMH can tailor any design style.

We do this through extensive research, creative brainstorming, utilizing vetted artisan resources, stepping into the client’s comfort zone and capitalizing on a thorough knowledge base of art and architectural styles that have been utilized for centuries.

The whole process is so enjoyable.

“Not only is Troy beyond talented and extremely helpful but MMH makes the whole process so enjoyable. From the building process to the interior design, MMH has been an invaluable team to work with!”

Shandi N.

Interior Design Beyond the Walls

Exceptional Design Blends Luxurious Style and Comfortable Living.

Beyond mere paint colors and wall decorations, great design encompasses creating spaces that foster tranquility and intentionality amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life. MMH creates environments that offer both peace and purpose in every design.

Personalized Design Support.

Magazine-worthy Possibilities.

At MMH, our commitment lies in delivering exceptional interior design that ensures clients cherish and enjoy their spaces for years to come.

Our steadfast attention to detail ensures that each project reflects the individual tastes, lifestyles and aspirations of our clients, seamlessly blending rich traditions with innovative concepts.

The result? Magazine-worthy design that provides functionality, purpose and comfort.

MMH Design

Your Personalized Interior Design Experience

“Great design begins with an even better story.” – Lorinda Mamo


The Process

The foundation of a stellar design is laid by you.

Our Interiors Questionnaire serves as the cornerstone to gather vital details about your home décor inspirations, current space visuals and budgetary preferences. Then with your dedicated Interior Designer to guide you, you’ll create a beautifully laid design plan to bring your vision to life.

Step 01

Tailored Design Consultation

Your personalized interior design journey begins on a phone or video consultation with your dedicated Interior Designer. Together, we will dream up and plan out a home that mirrors your individual styles. Share your vision, aspirations, essentials and get excited to begin a interior design experience crafted uniquely for you. Your dream home starts with a simple conversation!

Step 02

Introductory Space Design

Following the initial Design Consultation, we jump headfirst into creating mood boards that capture the essence and ambiance of your envisioned space. These visual concepts provide a clear trajectory for your project. Your input is paramount; share your insights and witness as your dedicated Interior Designer transforms ideas into a masterpiece.

Step 03

Advanced Design Phase

To ensure a perfect fit for you, your designer will now hone your vision with multiple design boards and options. Your prompt feedback expedites the process and once you greenlight your final design and layout, our team gets to work, meticulously crafting each element to deliver a design that surpasses expectations.

Step 04

Budgeting Your Design

MMH offers detailed allowances and facilitates seamless shopping with direct retailer links.

But here’s the bonus: We take advantage of our trade discounts, allowing us to acquire your items at savings of up to 25 percent off retail prices.

MMH exceeded our expectations.

“The experience working with the MMH team was great and the final outcome exceeded our expectations. We would definitely use and recommend their services in the future.”

J.D. Porter

MMH Design

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